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All web services include unlimited usage.

You're in the right place. QUODD & Xignite combined forces in 2023. Together we're providing a comprehensive set of market data solutions. 

With us, you only pay for the financial data you need. Pricing for each asset class is unique. There are no complex packages or licensing agreements forcing you to buy more than you want.


What asset class of data do you need?

Pricing for each type of data is unique. We offer stock quotes, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, options, indices, fixed income, rates, and more. 


How frequently do you need to update the data?

Pricing is based on the frequency of updates of the data. We offer real-time, streaming, intra-day, delayed, end of day, historical and reference data.


How will the data be used or displayed?

Pricing varies on the use case for the data and is based on whether the data will displayed publicly, used in the back office or redistributed. 


What type of data do you need?

You can specify quotes, ticks, bars, valuations, fundamentals, corporate actions, master and reference data.


What regions do you need data for?

You can buy data just for a specific region or worldwide.